John Wilmor

The man with the Midas touch. A boxer during his school and college days, which keeps him primed for grueling schedules. Obtained his degree in Film and Broadcasting from San Mateo, California.

After a brief stint in California working with various channels, Swadesh came calling and there has been no looking back since then as he went from strength to strength as a DOP freelancing for reputed Indian TV Channels, moving on to shooting short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and feature films. Today John is sought out by top filmmakers, both major and independent for his watchful eye.

Featured Film

DOP John Wilmor deserves kudos as the cinematography, is yet another highlight of the film. His lens captures the beauty of the locales as well as the emotions of the people with equal candour. Some frames appear layered, especially the last scene when Hamid’s red colored boat glides across the serene waters of the lake. Those images are haunting. It remains with you much after you leave the theatres

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